Why service your Toyota with us?

Toyota Genuine Service

Genuine Service

What matters most to our Service team? Caring for you first - then your car.

Some things we think you'll feel good about!

  • No surprises - we'll check if you're 100% comfortable with the price of any unexpected work before going ahead
  • We offer you a complimentary lift and pick up to home, work or to the local shopping area when you drop your vehicle off
  • We offer a Complimentary Car Wash with every service
  • We offer Free WiFi & Coffee
  • Affordable Capped Price Servicing on brand new vehicles
  • Every Pakenham Toyota service technician has been certified by Toyota Institute Australia
  • We only use Toyota's official healthcheck equipment
  • We service all makes and models
  • Express Servicing available
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But it's a Toyota... Does it really need to be serviced?

The answer is YES. All cars need to be maintained due to natural wear and tear over time.

To ensure your car runs smoothly and reliably, it pays to service your car inline with Toyota's recommended timing. If you're unsure about the correct service scheduling for your car - don't worry. Give us a call or send us a message.

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Toyota Express Maintenance

Toyota Express Maintenance

Toyota Express Maintenance* at Pakenham Toyota offers the convenience of a ‘while you wait’ full logbook service, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day. Even better, it costs no more than an everyday service and comes with the care and expertise only your Toyota Service Centre can provide.

While you wait Express Service is made possible by our Expert Service Team and modern equipment. Several Technicians are able to work simultaneously to complete the vehicle maintenance and Wash in 90 minutes.  (excluding Wash on Saturdays)

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Toyota Service Advantage

Toyota Service Advantage

When you buy a new Toyota from Pakenham Toyota, you don't have to worry about unexpected and astronomical service costs. Every Toyota across the range comes with a low capped price service cost for a set number of years/kilometres†.

You'll pay the same low price from one logbook service at Pakenham Toyota to the next. It's just one example of the advantages of Toyota ownership that Pakenham Toyota are proud to offer.

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Toyota Services

Toyota Services

Our Toyota trained technicians carry out the following and much more...

  • Oil & filter
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Wheel-alignment
  • Suspension
  • Fuel injectors
  • Windscreen
  • Spare key replacement
  • Spare parts, e.g. door replacement

Aftermarket care for your vehicle

Talk to Nadine for family-friendly products like these:

  • Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection
  • Leather Preserver
  • Carpet & Fabric Coating
  • Vinyl Conditioner
  • Security Dash Camera
  • Park Assist
  • Cruise Control
  • Rear Park Sensors
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10 Reasons why Pakenham Toyota should service your vehicle

Safeguard your factory Warranty

Your factory Warranty is 100% protected with Factory Genuine Service and Parts. However, non-factory servicing or parts may void some or all warranty if found to be the cause of any problems. Why risk it?

Highly Trained Pakenham Toyota Technicians

Pakenham Toyota trains all of its technicians to know and understand your vehicle intimately. This training includes our technicians specialising in the Toyota brand of car that you drive whether it be in computer controlled systems, electronics or performance.

12 Month / Unlimited Km Parts Warranty

With every service using genuine parts each Pakenham Toyota service brings the piece of mind knowing that your car will be covered for a full 12 months.

Superior Factory Knowledge

Pakenham Toyota Service Department is backed with a fountain of technical information supplied by the manufacturer. To you, this means a cost saving in the repairer spending less time diagnosing your vehicle and the ability to get you on the road sooner.

A Tuned Engine Saves Fuel

By maintaining regular servicing, your engine will rarely be out of tune, which means your fuel economy will be maximised, saving you money every time you hop behind the wheel.

Genuine Parts, Genuine Quality

Every Genuine part is built to the manufacturers original equipment specifications, so the quality, fit and performance is second to none.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

At Pakenham Toyota we ensure our equipment is of the latest technological standard, which promotes cost savings in time, and helps ensure your vehicle is fixed right the first time.

Genuine Servicing helps resale value.

A vehicle with a dealer stamped service Log books is one which clearly appears to be well cared for, providing a b point and the potential for better resale value.

Competitive Prices

The cost of Pakenham Toyota Genuine servicing is very competitive with other servicing options. When you consider "value for money", service, quality and parts warranty, you are way in front with Pakenham Toyota.

Pakenham Toyota 'Piece of Mind'

Pakenham Toyota have been servicing Victorians for many years, by offering genuine factory backed service and parts, this means longevity and piece of mind, that we will be with you tomorrow and into the future.

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